Masoud Movahedi

“Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodhah”, “YOGA is the REMOVAL of the FLUCTUATIONS of the MIND”. At the early age of my practice, the most important aspect of yoga in my opinion was the ASANAS. Trying to reach the perfection of postures was a good, egoistic feeling. After mastery in poses, the feeling was not right and something was missing. through the process of yogic philosophy, I came to know that the Asanas were just a drop in the yoga ocean. Combining the pleasantness and comfort in true meaning of the eight limbs became my aim and the beginning of my yoga journey. Sharing this experience with my friends that they (YUJ = LINK) with DYAV family, is the highest Happiness that GOD has GIFTED ME, which I believe is part of my KARMA + SADHANA.

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